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Team Building Events

Whether you are celebrating a milestone, the teams performance, rewarding the team for a successful year or team boarding a whole new department that will be working together then our sessions are the perfect event for both Gents and the Ladies of all ages.



With so many interactive devices these days such as  XBox’s, PS4’s, Ipad’s and interactive consoles, when it comes to Corporate events, people’s expectations for the “team building” experience is way higher than it used to be.  Parachute games, team initiatives, Indoor laser tag/quest and Paintball (along with the bruises) just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Staff want real life scenarios where they can work together as a team, using strategy, focus and planning to execute their team objectives.  The want something that is hi-tec, adrenalin pumped, interactive and fun –



Well we have the solution –  Lazer Hogz Speical Corporate events are the Extreme , authentic live combat gaming experiences where the players are part of the scenarios.



Our Battlefield is purpose built with farm life survival sernarios for our team building missions. Each mission has an objective that requires planning, strategy, communication, implementation and debrief.  Intel will be given and once the mission is over, the team will need to review the tactics and strategy used before the next mission.







Why choose Lazer Hogz?

  • We have multiple gaming zones themed for different missions, with different objectives and different terrains, so every game and mission is different.


  • Lazer Hogz is a TEAM game, not an individual game.  We run structured missions where all the team are involved and work together battling against another team.  Team strategy and tactics are required.  Planning and implementation are required, effective communication and clear vision is required.


  • In game player stats – No Awful HUMILIATION print outs ranking players from good to worst! If you’re the person organising the corporate team building event then that is something that you want to avoid – no team building in that!  With Lasergaming Each player can see their own in game player stats updated in real time on their own gaming gun during the mission games, no more waiting for the end of the party to see how you’re doing.  Our awesome missions are not based on individual scores, you’re scored as a team so you can see how effective you are working as a team and then work on improving that in the next mission.


  • We provide Hassle free, Healthy, outdoor Corporate events for persons of all ages and all physical capabilities,;we take care of everything, providing you with  Commanding officers to take care of the groups. We run the most up to date missions, can provide food options and can even arrange at an additional cost – personalised dog tags for each player for the medal ceremony.


  • There is no Paint or projectile involved, no masks needed, no pain, no bruises, no Lasers, just safe infra red like that used in your remote control at home


  • No additional ammo or paint costs, the price you pay is all inclusive.  No hidden costs on the day


  • Our sessions are all weather events, so take place in sun, rain and sleet!  We are a wet weather provider and work off the motto there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing.  Teams need to be committed to the missions at all times and the team can not fail because it is raining!
  • Food options are available for an additional charge on site for our packages including Farm Fresh and Locally Sourced Beef Burgers,  Veggie Burgers, Tea and coffee.

We Have 2 Venue’s available   

Venue 1

Woodhouse Farm – Size 100 Acres of play area with 2 game options

Game Option 1 – Pay and Play, in our simple battle field in the farm yard

Game Option 2 – play area across the section of farm where you will have to use team skills and survival skills to stay in the game.

Venue 2

Woodland in Leicestershire– 18 acre woodland for our more extreme version where the game will last for 12 hours and full survival training will be given


Or we Can bring the game to your place of work with any large space in or outdoors we can recreate a battle field  on site.

All Sounds good? 

To book Please contact us direct