The best parties are the ones in the countryside!

Our team love to have a party!



When we hear that there’s a party coming to Lazer Hogz,

Our team go the extra mile!

You Will get the opportunity to tailor the battle to your requirement:


– Choosing what music to battle to


– Evening Slots you get the choice of complete darkness or lights/special effects


– Game Length


– Teams


Party Options

Party Option 1



– 3 Games

– Home Baked Birthday Cake

– Refreshments







Party Option 2



– 3 Games

– Home Baked Birthday Cake

– T-Shirt Each







Party Option 3



– 3 Games

– Home Baked Birthday Cake

– Refreshments 

– T-Shirt Each






Party Option 4


We Come To you! 

We Can bring Lazer Hogz to your venue of choice 

(please make sure you have permission off the land owner first)

4 hours of play at your location 

Prices start 



All of our party packages must have a minimum number of 5 guests.

All Packages must be booked minimum of 1 month before the event and final numbers confirmed 1 week before the event.