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The Ultimate Laser Gaming Challenge!




These Are limited through out the year with different levels of difficulty!




Day Option (Woodhouse Farm)



Can you surrive 3 hours in our 100 acre play area?



You’ll be kitted up with the latest phaser technology  then transported to different

locations around the farm to your base. Briefed by one of our Hogz Generals on the object

of the game.



Weekender Option – Woodland in Leicestershire

Over the Weekend our team will give you the basic survival skills and prepare for battle.



The Game will Last 6 hours  over night





Your team will have to



– Build a base and defend it

– Find Water

– Find food

– Raid the other teams base for medic supplies

– Raid the Lazer Hogz Den




You will have




– Limited lives

– Medic with limited resporns

– Basic Skills we have taught you

– Your Team




Friday Evening – Survival Skills



Saturday morning – Survival Skills



Saturday afternoon – Kit up



Saturday Evening – Game begins



Sunday Morning – Game Ends



Sunday Afternoon –  Debrief – Home time







For more Details please contact us